Welcome to 5 Willows - the vision

The creation of the '5 Willows' Property in Jindabyne, NSW has been a long-held dream for our family for many years, and it will be quite some time before all the ambitions we have for the property are realised. While some businesses are more established than others, we thought it important to share the grand vision for each, the property overall, and our family. You can follow our progress with the Blog.

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Craig is an experienced full-time Professional Photographer, specialising in natural light photography for outdoor family portraiture and wedding photography. 

The Photography Vision is the creation of a custom-designed Garden Studio, using around 5 acres at the front of the property along the Snowy River Way, to give the most beautiful settings, respectful of the Snowy Mountains region, and to be designed so that the sunlight is always in the right place for the shot. 

This Garden Studio will contain a number of different settings and features to ensure that every visitor can have a unique and enjoyable photographic experience, while also giving a natural and consistent styling to the photographs. 

We also plan to host weddings and other special events in the Garden Studio.

Early plantings: buckwheat, basil, sage, crab apples, seedlings, corn

Early plantings: buckwheat, basil, sage, crab apples, seedlings, corn


Caroline's passion for food started early, with her first Degree and career focusing on the hospitality industry. More recently Caroline has been a consultant and ambassador for Thermomix.

This passion for food is centred around the belief that we should all be able to eat well, know what is in our food, and pay a sensible price for it.

The Food Vision is to create a number of products here on the 5 Willows property that are sourced and grown here, and to make them available to the local and visiting community, selling from the Farm Gate or at local markets. The focus is on enjoyment of the whole process and the creation of the end product.

Through our own extensive vegetable patches and plantings, some of which will be within the Photography Garden Studio, we plan to create stocks, jams and spreads with a focus on high fruit content and delicious flavour. We also have chooks laying eggs and will gradually expand the capacity.



Our 5 Willows property is on 145 acres, and is a small-scale return to the lifestyle Caroline experienced growing up on a large property near Armidale, NSW. It is this lifestyle that we have always wanted for our family.

The Farm Vision sees us build our family homestead on the property, making the Little House available for families visiting the Snowy Mountains region so that they can experience a small farm in operation in a truly family friendly way, take in the stunning views over the Mountain range, and slow down. The farmstay experience will be a genuine one, with chooks, horses, stock and friendly farm dogs on the property.

Our Vision is also respectful of our environment, and that the 5 Willows property was prime grazing land when we bought it. We have 200 sheep agisted here by a local sheep farmer and their family. Our power comes from a fully off-the-grid solar set-up including 24 batteries to store the power. We use rain water for the Little House, which itself is on stilts so that no foundations were required.