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We are happy to announce our product range and price list for SMIEC 2019.


Within the AIPP Community we are always reminded of the need to produce our best quality work, not just in terms of image capture, but also in terms of product selection and offering. In a digital world, the ability to select the appropriate printed product and produce images to the highest standards have become all the more important. Providing the best finished product and enjoying the experience are key to our business. 

I have personally used ‘Brilliant Prints’ as a supplier for many years. While we love to support local businesses, the quality, reliability and service that Brilliant Prints provide to the professional photography market are unrivalled. This year I have chosen to expand the product range to include 3 products from their range, specifically for SMIEC 2019.

WOOD PRINT 18x12 inch wall art READY TO HANG - $180 (SAVE 25% regular price $243)

Includes delivery within Australia

Wood print artworks produced by Brilliant Prints are fully Australian made and come with their 75yr guarantee. The sizing is an appropriate choice for the artwork and for a teenage bedroom wall. They are very easy to hang and come finished and ready to display. Larger sizes are available on request.

Wood print 18x12 inch

Wood print 18x12 inch

Canvas 18x12 inch wall art - $180 (SAVE 25% regular price $243)

Includes delivery within Australia

Canvas artworks produced by Brilliant Prints are fully Australian made and come with their 75yr guarantee. The sizing is an appropriate choice for the depth of a canvas print and also with the intention of the artwork being displayed in a child’s bedroom. Larger sizes are available on request.

Canvas artwork 18x12 inch

Canvas artwork 18x12 inch


Acrylic Block 7x5 inch desktop piece - $120

includes delivery within Australia

This specially selected product is an ideal fit for a child’s bedroom, desk, or anywhere display shelf in the house. Images are printed on metallic photographic paper giving a real ‘pop’ and need to be specifically edited to achieve the best results. They might be small but they pack a punch and are obviously heavy when it comes to postage (which is included).

SMIEC 2019 acrylic block sample.jpg


Digital files

For 2019, all of the digital files that we upload covering the 4 days of events at SMIEC are freely available for you to download, share and use. Your $10 photography fee as part of registration has covered access to the digital images for all competitors and their families, which I believe is a much friendlier and happier service for all involved.


Ordering process

You can order and pay for products at any time during the event when the 5 Willows marquee is attended. There will be many occasions where we are photographing the action, so please write a note on the notepad or take a card and leave a message via e-mail or phone.

All credit cards are accepted although a small (2%) surcharge will apply, as I’m already keeping the product prices to a discounted level. We can also take payment by direct deposit or cash (please have correct money).

Photographs will appear on the website gallery pages as soon as they are available, and please just let us know the image reference number for each photograph you’d like to order.


After the event has finished the galleries will still be on display, and you can still place your order. Just use the SMIEC 2019 Order Form on the website please to place your order and we will be in touch to confirm details and arrange payment.



Delivery for the wood prints, canvas or acrylic artworks is included in the price and will be either in person if the delivery address is local, or using Australia Post.