Family - the reason we do it all


We see great value in quality - quality service, quality product, quality experiences. Through very different childhoods we share a love of farming for food, we care about making a healthy jam, we care about creating beautiful photographs in a fun and natural way to give you a great experience. So we've taken three areas of life that we are truly passionate about and value - Farm, Food and Photography - and aim to deliver each in the best way we can.


With food for example, if we're harvesting our plums and working on producing the best spread we can, we're not looking to squeeze as many jars as possible out of it. We believe in championing the fruit, so our first batches have been made with 75% fruit for a better taste and a healthier spread. This philosophy applies through all of our products.

With photography, the emphasis is on getting the best photographs possible in the session, and presenting you with the best images to make the selection process easier. It's about working with you to give you what you are looking for that is valuable for your family and comfortable financially, not selling to you unethically. Photographs are our treasures and our memories, they hold such value. This is our focus.


So what do we do? 

Farm - Caroline grew up on a large property in the New England region of NSW, and Craig's grand-parents were farmers in England. We are both keen gardeners, so we are combining to bring the best of these experiences to the 5Willows property - improving pasture, crops, extensive growing areas, and landscaped gardens to enjoy including numerous edible varieties.

Food - using our home grown produce we create beautiful home-made delights, including jams, chutneys and stocks. Our food will only be offered when we are happy it's the best we can make.

Photography - for portrait photography we use natural lighting techniques, natural posing that is age appropriate and kind to all body shapes and sizes, and a bit of humour along the way, to create a great experience and a comfortable photography session. The selection and ordering process is made easy by working with you every step of the way. For all genres of photography, we have the experience, quality, and care to ensure you receive the service you deserve.

Why jindabyne?

We'd been looking for a return-to-the-country location for many years. We looked at Armidale where Caroline grew up and we were married, we looked at Bathurst and Orange, we looked at Bangalow in the far North NSW. But year on year we kept coming back to Jindabyne for holidays - the one place we kept returning to. So, the research began. We visited in the different seasons, and loved the town even more. 

Jindabyne is a small town but it's growing, it's an exciting town, and it's not an old town. There's an entrepreneurial spirit through the area that we love. People are open and friendly, welcoming new business to the area. And it's a great region for our three children to grow up. We are excited to have made the move, and looking forward to sharing our services with the local and visiting communities.

Why 5 Willows?

We love the Weeping Willow tree - the way is gently flows in the winds, the way it so clearly shows the seasons. We also love that Willows bend but don't break. There are 5 of us in the family, so we thought it an appropriate name for the property and the life that we build here.